Making putting on your shoes a piece of cake!



Many toddlers and young children often have what we like to call "wonky feet", with their right foot in their left shoe and vice-versa. Our Laufkleber, which get their name from a combination of the German "Laufen", meaning "to run", and "Aufkleber", meaning "sticker", are the perfect idea to banish wonky feet for good! These shoe stickers are a true godsend for all parents whose children struggle when it comes to telling apart their left and right shoes. The bright and colourful Laufkleber help children to put on their shoes the right way round with a smile on their face. It won't be long before they're telling you: I can do it myself!
Once they reach a certain age, children want to do everything on their own. This is all good and well and, indeed, important so that they can learn to be independent and self-confident. In fact, learning to put on their shoes the right way round is part and parcel of growing up, just like putting on their clothes without any help.

The ideal way to boost your child's independence and self-confidence



Helping your children to put on their shoes themselves


It's something we've all experienced: your son or daughter is standing proudly by the door and ready to go, but hang on a second, what's that? They've got their shoes on the wrong way round! They can't go out dressed like that, so Mum or Dad have to step in to help. Over time, wearing shoes on the wrong feet can seriously damage the growing feet of your little ones and at nursery school, the teachers can't always check whether everyone's shoes are on the right way round. Of course, when Mum or Dad has to help, their child's proud smile quickly becomes a frustrated scowl. In actual fact, it is often the case that parents have just as much trouble telling which little shoe goes on which little foot. Our Laufkleber help to eliminate this problem for everyone involved!


A simple yet genius idea – Laufkleber


We offer a small solution for a small problem: the Laufkleber! Each pair of shoes requires one pair of Laufkleber stickers. All you need to do is to stick one half of the pair on the inner sole of the left shoe and the other half in the right shoe. When you put the shoes side-by-side (the right way round, of course) these stickers will come together to reveal a clear image. The pictures, which fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, enable children to immediately see which shoe goes on which foot. As a result, putting on their shoes will no longer be a complex task but instead will literally be child's play – simply insert the stickers, put the puzzle together, pull on your shoes and you're ready to go! This fun way of achieving shoe-wearing success will not only make your child beam with pride, but also boost their self-confidence



Our Laufkleber are made in Germany. When producing our stickers, we focus on achieving quality without compromise and sustainability with a capital S. Be it as a treat for your own children or a creative gift idea, our Laufkleber not only put a smile on kids' faces. They also help to benefit you as parents by providing you with a fun solution for overcoming yet another obstacle on your child's journey towards independence. Laufkleber: putting an end to wonky feet.