Our product idea is simple: We wanted to teach our children how to put on their shoes properly but couldn't find the ideal solution. What we did find, however, was a large number of other parents who were experiencing exactly the same problem. This led to the creation of our Laufkleber.


Laufkleber, which get their name from a combination of the German "Laufen", meaning "to run", and "Aufkleber", meaning "sticker", encourage children to use their own initiative and have fun at the same time. When using our stickers, children no longer need to be corrected but can instead put on their shoes all by themselves. This quick way of achieving success helps to motivate children and boost their self-confidence.



Our Laufkleber are regularly put to the test by the best possible testers: our very own children. It therefore comes as no surprise that we focus on achieving quality with a capital Q.


When developing our Laufkleber, we tested a multitude of different adhesives, films and print colours in order to find the most functional and compatible solutions. After many attempts, we finally ticked all the boxes and created stickers printed on crease-resistant film that stays put in shoes and can withstand even the cheesiest and sweatiest of litte feet.


Our Laufkleber also boast a sealed coating that makes them cold-resistant, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and colourfast. To put it in a nutshell: Laufkleber are the ideal companions for your child's journey towards independence, wherever their feet may take them.




We place high value on creating children's products with a small CO2 footprint. We therefore produce our stickers fully in Germany, with most of our production activities taking place at a printing plant right around the corner in the heart of Berlin. This helps us to ensure that our stickers only need to be transported over very short distances, the majority of which involve nothing more than a quick trip on our bikes!